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proper compensation!

All Souls College, Oxford

All Souls College, Oxford

EMAG's campaign
EMAG intends to carry on campaigning until fair compensation is awarded to the million victims of the Equitable Life scandal.

In the short term for the
most elderly victims

We are campaigning to get MPs to insist that the 10,000 pre–September 1992 WP Annuitants are included for compensation, on exactly the same terms as those who took their WP Annuity after that date.

For the post–1992 Annuitants
For the 37,000 WP Annuitants who are to receive an alleged ‘100% of their relative losses’ we are campaigning for payments be made in a lump sum and not spread out thinly over five small annual payments up to 2016.

And for the VAST majority — 945,000 victims
95% of Equitable's with profits policyholders are not WP Annuitants. They are in line to get just 22% of the Treasury's calculation of their ‘relative losses’. Sometime by 2014 and without any interest paid from 2009 onwards. What happened to the 90% safety net we were promised when we took out our policies?

In today's dire economic climate, more compensation isn't going to be top of the government’s list of priorities, even if we bore the brunt of the cuts, which for other government spending averaged just 21% - not 75% or worse. Which is why EMAG is campaigning for a commitment that victims will receive the rest of their compensation entitlement when the economy recovers.