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Daily Telegraph Opinion article by Paul Weir of EMAG

‘We will haunt MPs until they put this grave injustice right’ Equitable Life campaigner vows to continue the fight for more compensation. By Paul Weir of the Equitable Members’ Action Group 28 Mar 2011 Although Equitable Life’s announcement is a…more

Honor Blackman slams Government over “unfair” Equitable scheme

Actress Honor Blackman has slammed the government for discriminating against the majority of Equitable Life policyholders who are set to receive only 15% of their losses in compensation. “I am one of the small minority of victims who have been…more

Parliamentary Ombudsman dismisses Government plan as “unsafe” and “unsound”

On 27 July 2010 EMAG wrote to all MPs concerning the Parlaimentrary Ombudsman’s robust citicism of the government’s current approach to compensation The coalition government’s commitment requires implementing the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s recommendations, not Sir John Chadwick’s.  That means compensation based…more

Equitable action group fears Treasury ‘ambush’ over compensation

The Equitable Members Action Group (EMAG) has sounded the alarm over the new government’s promises of fair compensation, after ministers failed to reassure them over the methods being used by the Treasury to assess the amount of compensation due. EMAG…more

1,000 general election candidates pledge Equitable Life compensation

More than 1,000 general election candidates across the UK have signed a pledge committing them to vote for proper Government compensation for victims who lost money with Equitable Life. As of today, Campaigning group EMAG (Equitable Members Action Group) had…more

EMAG launches pledge campaign for Equitable Life compensation

Campaigners are calling on general election candidates to sign a pledge committing them to vote for proper Government compensation for victims who lost money with Equitable Life. Campaigning group EMAG (Equitable Members Action Group) is targeting 550 constituencies across the…more

EMAG withdraws from Treasury “charade” over Equitable Life

Equitable Life policyholder campaign group EMAG is withdrawing from working with the Treasury’s “Chadwick process” after the latest interim report from the retired judge has led the group to conclude that his work is just a front for a “Treasury…more

Honor Blackman calls on Government to help Equitable Life pensioners now

Actress Honor Blackman today called on the Government to make payments on account to 44,000 elderly Equitable Life pensioners who have yet to receive any compensation despite the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s recommendation that they should do so. “The Treasury has been…more

Equitable Life campaigners slam Treasury delays

January 15 marks the first anniversary of Yvette Cooper’s statement to the Commons on Equitable Life, in which the Government announced that it was hiring Sir John Chadwick to advise on an ex-gratia payment scheme for those ‘disproportionately affected’ by…more

Honor Blackman joins Equitable Life victims for pensions demo

Victims of the Equitable Life scandal demonstrated outside Parliament this week where they were joined by Avengers actress Honor Blackman and MP Vince Cable to demand proper compensation for victims of the Equitable Life scandal. Ms Blackman has her own…more

Equitable victims triumph - Court overturns Government rejection of Ombudsman’s report

Policyholders’ action group EMAG has won another significant victory in its battle to get proper compensation from the Treasury for victims of the Equitable Life scandal. EMAG’s successful High Court bid to quash the Government’s response to the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s…more

EMAG takes Treasury to court

Equitable Life policyholders’ action group EMAG has launched a High Court challenge against the Treasury over its failure to fully implement the compensation recommendations of the Parliamentary Ombudsman. After a ‘depressingly predictable’ response from the Treasury at the end of…more

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